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Short “Green Saphir” necklace and 4 charms

Short “Green Saphir” necklace and 4 charms

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This short 36 cm necklace is made entirely of fine natural round “Green Saphir” stones, mounted on a pink colored thread tied between each pearl. The stones are a translucent green hue, offering a variety of intensities throughout the necklace.

To further enhance this magnificent river of stones, Madame Nature adorns this necklace with a selection of four “charms”:

A 15 mm gold-plated “starry heart” medal
An elegant blue-green Grandidierite drop cut stone
A rectangular pink Tourmaline stone
Finally, a very beautiful stone called "Green Amethyst" translucent, cut and sculpted into a round bead. Under this name hides a very pretty light green quartz stone.

Natural gemstones may have inclusions and slight color variations making each piece of jewelry unique.

A jewel created in France and assembled by hand in our partner's workshops, this necklace demonstrates our commitment to artisanal quality and attention to detail.

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Natural fine stone necklace: “Green Saphir”
Charms: Tourmaline, Grandidierite, “Green Amethyst” (green quartz) and gold-plated medal.


Necklace length 36 cm.
4 cm adjustment chain and 18 carat gold plated clasp.

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Bijoux en pierres fines naturelles


Amethyst, amazonite, tourmaline, agate, opal, topaz,... fine stones are natural gems that sit alongside the 4 precious stones (diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire). Color, shape, inclusions... each one is unique which gives them their particular beauty. Learn more about fine stones

Fabriqué en France


Created and manufactured in France to limit the environmental impact but also to promote the know-how of our artisans and companies.